Movement Classes

Contact Improv

Contact Improv is the Partner Dance of Choice during Ecstatic Dance because of it's Complete Freedom, lack of Leader/Follower roles, and Fullness of Expression Available. There will be Classes & Jams from many different teachers including: Raina Satori, Jill Beamers, Odessa Perez, & Tyler Blank

Doubles Partner Yoga

Doubles Yoga is "Partner Yoga for Every One", and is a gentle, nourishing, mutually supportive practice without any "flying" or acrobatics. Through the use of traditional yoga asanas done in partnership, we can melt deep into ourselves, while dissolving barriers with weight and breath. Taught by Tyler Blank. More info at: www.Doubles.Yoga


Intentional Ambient Sound Journey Meditation for Personal Healing incorporating guided meditation, inner journeying and art therapy elements. Created by Becca Dakini, experienced through our own DanceIn' Headsets, allowing you to be out in Nature during this experience.

Thai Massage Class

Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork has been practiced for thousands of years in Thailand. Some benefits of Thai Bodywork include: overall relaxation, increased flexibility and mobility, reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, circulation and digestion, revitalized energy flow and vibrant mood. Taught by Lucia Grace

Soul Motion

In a Soul Motion® class, the dancer moves through four relational landscapes, using three core movement platforms.

The Four Relational Landscapes

Dance Intimate… we move alone

Dance Communion… we move with one other

Dance Community… we move with everyone

Dance Infinity… we move our practice to the everyday life

Taught by Wendy Phares

Meta4 Chi Gong

Chi Kung is the Practice of Energy Work. It draws upon aspects of Nature Earth, Air, Water, Fire (and Metal & Ether), and uses their forms as teachers (Rivers, Birds, Animals, Rocks, Mountains, Plants, Animals, etc.), Chi Kung is also incorporates Dualistic aspects of Yin & Yang, Masculine & Feminine, Giving & Receiving to embrace the whole. In Meta4 Chi Gong, Energy Work joins with Freeform Dance, with a lightly guided experience for dancers to engage with the 5 Elements, Yin & Yang, Dance Music, and their Creative Imagination.

Taught by Tyler Blank

Art for Healing & Transformation

Making art helps us to focus and be present. It helps express our intense feelings beyond words, thoughts, and moves us into deeper ways of knowing our minds. This class works with meditation and music and guides with abstract lines, shapes and colors. The result is a calming of our anxieties, allowing our inner guidance to lead us through the pains and challenges of the external world. Drawing and painting exercise the mind to help you see the world in a different light. Beyond learning to draw and paint objects, it’s also a path to raise your awareness and awaken internal energies. All materials included. We will be able paint throughout the Campout, with a large canvas available near the Dance Floor, to express ourselves in color and form. We can each take a piece of this home with us at the closing ceremony.

Taught by June Li

Blindfold Dance.jpg

Blindfold Movement

Explore the depths of your Self, the Other, and your Movement without the sense of Sight. How does removing a sense heighten the others? What is it like to come into contact with another being who is also without their sight? We will explore solo, couple, and group dynamics in this Blindfolded Movement Class

Taught by: Jill "MoonBeam" Beamers