Lucia Grace

Lucia Grace is a Yoga Therapist, improvisational dancer, and somatic life coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her greatest passion is living an authentically embodied life and empowering others to do the same. Lucia believes that by going into the depths of ourselves and exploring both light and shadow we can cultivate acceptance for our whole selves and in doing so embrace our ecstatic aliveness.



Jill Beamers

Jill is one of the CoFounders of Ecstatic Dance Nevada City & San Diego, and Creator of Power to the Playful.  She will be leading some delicious movement exercises encouraging our Child-Like Nature to come out.  She will also guide an "Internal Terrain" a Blindfolded Movement Class.  She is also setting up her Adult Jungle Gym, the "Somatic Playground" for us to Play on, Hang From, Relax and Stretch and Monkey around on.



raina satori

Raina balances the structure and athleticism of contact improv with the sensitivity of her practices in movement meditation to bring participants to full presence and create breakthrough experiences all the while being playful and light. Her blending of theater improv, expressive arts, contact improv and site specific nature dance provides a creative, inspired structure to connect in a deep and artistic way.





Eric Fenster

Eric is Managing Director of the Bell Valley Retreat at the Toll House where we are Camping and Dancing, and will be on-site during the Ecstatic Dance Campout.  You can find him Singing songs around the Campfire, and Offering general Support during your stay at Bell Valley.  He also Owns and Manages Gather Restaurant in Berkeley, and Back to Earth Organic Catering & Outdoor Adventures.


June Li

June Li paints as she lives, with an intention to show that life is about realizing possibilities. Trained in Visual Art at South China Normal University and in Studio Art at Sonoma State University, her paintings reflect the unique cross-cultural journey she has taken from China to San Francisco. June's work is a dynamic encounter with nature, perception and the many challenges that lead us towards a place of insight and learning.