Bell Valley is located within Anderson Valley, an area within the Navarro River Watershed. While a popular resting point for people driving to the coast on Hwy 128 along its beautiful winding country roads, Anderson Valley is also a destination of its own – a pristine, sheltered valley surrounded by verdant rolling hills. The small town of Boonville at the heart of the Valley houses many of its residents and reflects a distinctive culture that, in its food, shops and farming practices, embraces the best that both tradition and innovation have to offer us today.

Bell Valley Retreat at the Toll House is a center for restoration—for people and land. By gathering in nature, we believe that people can access the sensitivity, courage and vision necessary to live in alignment with the earth and amplify positive social change. We are committed to nurturing communities, organizations, and individuals whose work lies along the spectrum of individual, social and ecological transformation.

We offer Bell Valley as a place for humans to come to listen, to open to themselves, to relate to one another in a mutually respectful way, and be guided by the wisdom inherent in the earth’s living systems.

  • We believe social, cultural, and ecological transformation are inextricably linked with individual transformation
  • We cultivate and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with nature
  • We steward the land inspired by the principles of permaculture and other sustainable practices
  • We actively support equity, justice, and healing
  • We value openness and authenticity
  • We encourage learning, reflection, and contemplative practice
  • We celebrate creativity, and view artists as essential social and cultural visionaries
  • We honor all change-makers who devote their energy towards having a positive impact on the world

We invite you to experience Bell Valley Retreat at the Toll House

for the Ecstatic Dance Campout,

and welcome you to join us for relaxation and restoration in this healing landscape.